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A Bit More About Dexters

Why Dexters? They are not a commercial breed, in fact they are the smallest and most ancient native cow. They are direct descendants of the black cows of early Celts and came to Britain from Ireland in 1882 - perfect. We wanted a breed that had been overlooked and as a result, hadn't been bred to be bigger or have double muscling,  or require a monoculture of artificially fertilised grass and 'bought in' feed to finish.  We wanted a breed that was about quality not quantity, a thrifty animal that could turn rough forage from a range of habitats into the most fortifying, nourishing of meats. A cow not so different from the ones that grazed this wet and wild landscape for thousands of years, helping create the field patterns and moorlands we see today. If we wanted to eat meat, and we did, we felt it needed to go beyond sustainable and organic. Our cows needed to be well-suited to the job of the main large herbivore and keystone species in this unique landscape. They would he

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